About AkhaT Amusement

AkhaT amusement city provides games that aim at bringing an unforgettable fun and entertainment to our customers of all age above 7 years. We specialise in bringing a world class and an unforgettable events in many forms including Festivals, shopping malls exhibitions, Schools Day, Workshops, Conferences, Corporate team building, Year Experience and many services on request.

We create

It’s more than just a game. Allow yourself to live out of this world, fly through the galaxies, discover scientific horizons and navigate through deep planet, the most comfortable way you could have ever imagine.

We deliver

Choose from range of movies and games that consist of horror, roller coaster, flight simulation, racing and shooting. With affordable prices and discounts for returning customers and extended play.

We help empowered the community

Why We Sponsor:

AkhaT is more than just games. We empower the community to improve the standards in Sport and Education. We currently sponsoring Bright FC, an academy of under 13-19 young stars that aim to develop and nature the talent at an early stage in the township of Durban. If you need a sponsor / partner get in touch with us.


Why You Need to Sponsor/ Partner Us:

If you sponsor/ partner us, your product will be marketed to our massive customers that we engage with on a daily bases. For more info please contact our friendly stuff now. 

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